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You made it. Now you want to get out with all your stuff before MIT tosses it. (Your Athena account and all files left in your home Athena and WinAthena lockers are removed in the first January following your graduation.) Here's how. Complete each item in the checklist below.


  1. Remove CRON keyed software, AFS, Kerberos, and printers from your personal computer. Set Windows license to 'perpetual.' (Visit 'Software' above.)
  2. Take your MIT files with you. (Visit 'MIT Files' above.)
  3. Take your MIT email with you. Set email to forward.. Register for Alum Association’s Email Forwarding For Life (EFL) service. (Visit 'MIT Email' above.)
  4. Take your MIT web site with you. (Visit 'MIT Web Site' above.)
  5. If you use the MIT CrashPlan backup service, you'll need to disconnect your computer(s) from within the CrashPlan application. Email from your MIT email address and notify them that you've done so. You can then sign up for your personal CrashPlan account if you wish.
  6. Windows users who have installed MSOffice or Windows from MIT please note:  Only those who have downloaded Windows or Office with their certificates will receive instructions from IST on running the scripts that make your license permanent. If we, at CRON, have installed windows or office for you, please download the installers now to get on the list to get the permanent codes. You probably want to take the installers with you anyway should you need them to perform repairs in the future.
  7. Set up an Infinite Connection (MIT Alum Association) account, and make sure your profile includes a valid email address. Alum Association lists are the only way the School has to reach you once you’ve graduated.
  8. MIT's 'LEAVING MIT' web page (click).