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How/Where/Why of Plotting on Own Special Paper

CRON recommends buying HP brand paper through In-Stock Design Supply. Go to their web site for a complete listing of HP-brand papers or call them at 800-580-2779. CRON has been buying all plotter paper through them for many years. Alternatively, you may also use other brands of paper as long as those are 'ink-jet plotter paper'. Purchase rolls, as opposed to sheets. Note that the maximum dimensions of paper rolls for our plotters are as follows:

If you're in a hurry and can't wait for delivery of paper through the mail we recommend looking in the web or yellow pages for art supply stores in the Boston/Cambridge area. Make sure you call the merchant before heading over, to ensure that they have the paper you need. The two local vendors that we do business with are:

Printing on Own Special Paper

Xerox Printers: specialty papers that may be used with it:

Make sure that whatever paper paper you look at is "laser printer" paper (ink jet and other papers are not ok). If unsure, please come ask us before using!

HP Designjet Z6200 plotters (P05-414-DLUX and P07-433-DLUX):

HP Designjet Z6100 plotter (P03-415 and P10-485):

The higher the image resolution, the better the print quality, no?

No. All data above 150 dpi in a grayscale or color image are discarded by the printer before printing. Higher resolutions for grayscale and color images only lead to longer print queues, corrupted files, crashed printers, exhausted quotas and general mayhem. For more info on appropriate resolutions, visit the 'SCANNING' tab.

Why do printers break down so often?

Printers see a lot of work. Some, such as M09-556, print tens of thousands of pages a month. Color printers are extremely delicate, and should not be used except for final, presentation grade printing. We estimate 25-30% of all printing is wasted. By reducing waste, you can reduce printer wear and tear (and the 'Facilities Computing Fee'). PRINT SMARTLY. Read and observe the print policy governing all CRON printers.

How do I configure my laptop for printing?

Visit the 'LAPTOPS' tab above.

Why is there no information on 3D printers?

The RPL group manage all rapid prototyping equipment.