School of Architecture and Planning
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave, Room 9-266
Cambridge, MA 02139


Tech Overview

How MacAthena/WinAthena Works

Faculty, staff and cluster desktop computers are configured for remote user home directories and centralized maintenance. This is true for both Macintosh (MacAthena) and Windows (WinAthena) computers.

Macs, PCs and Athena workstations all authenticate against the KDC (Kerberos Key Distribution Center). It is for this reason you must enter your Kerberos ID and Password to gain access to the computer. Once authenticated, WinAthena AD (for Windows) and (for Macintosh) authorize you to connect to file services over AFS (Andrew File System) and DFS (Windows).

If using WinAthena, your home (H: drive) is mapped to your personal directory on DFS. If using MacAthena, your home directory is mapped to your personal directory on AFS.

Both WinAthena and MacAthena environments can access files stored in the other. Which is to say MacAthena users can access their WinAthena home directory in DFS (files accessible in ~/dsf.WinData) and WinAthena users can access their MacAthena files (via the I: drive).