School of Architecture and Planning
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave, Room 9-266
Cambridge, MA 02139



Contacting CRON

There is an email list, for the times you have questions these web pages cannot answer. When you send email to, you'll receive an automatic reply from a system called "RequestTracker". You can use the link in this reply to keep track of the response to your question. Please note that you must write from your MIT email account.

The Crew

Though we've each our areas of special interest and expertise, any of us can help with just about any problem (but for those perhaps better served by Anne Landers).

Name Core Responsibilities Office
Enos, Michael Card Access, Keys, Facilities, Inventory, Procurement 9-530
Gonzalez, Eduardo Help Desk, Equipment Checkout, Windows, Macintosh (limited) 9-266
Kincaid, Duncan Macintosh, Linux, Windows (limited), Multimedia, Administrative Computing, Web Application Development, Admissions, Infrastructure (Servers, Network) 9-225
Leiserson, Ricky Help Desk, Equipment Checkout, Macintosh, Linux, Windows (limited) 9-266
Thompson, Philip Windows, Infrastructure (Servers) 9-266