School of Architecture and Planning
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Ave, Room 9-266
Cambridge, MA 02139




The MIT ID card collected during Orientation Week is coded to let you into the CRON computing clusters. Typically access is not enabled until Registration Day. Please wait patiently.

Computing clusters to which you will be granted access:

For your safety and that of the equipment, the card reader system limits access to ARCH/DUSP affiliates. For the reader to do its job, we ask you to observe three rules:

  1. Don't knock to get in (if your card doesn't work, email with your name and ID number as printed on your ID).
  2. NEVER prop the door open after 6 PM weekdays or at any time on weekends/holidays. Close the door, shutoff lights, turn off computers if you're the last to leave the cluster.
  3. Please report any suspicious activity to campus police at 3-1212